How to Display a detailed SQL error (Online)

Sometimes when you navigate to a PeopleSoft page or while doing some work online you might come up with this error.

"A sql error occurred. Please consult log for Administrator."

As developers when we build and test it is handy if we can see detailed error so that we can rectify it quickly. Sometimes it is not that obvious where the error is coming from even though you build the records, views etc.. Otherwise, you have to get the Appserver logs to find out where the error is coming from.

There is a way you can enable SQL error details so that it will be displayed to the users (in this case developers)

If you want SQL error details to be visible to users, set this property as follows:
Suppress SQL Error=0

This property exists in the PSTOOLS section of the PSAPPSRV.CFG file.

"For security purposes, this option has a default value of 1 to prevent SQL error details from being displayed to users.
Any SQL errors that occur don't display details, but refer users to consult the system log.
The details that were in the SQL message are written to the log file. This helps to prevent SQL injection vulnerabilities."

So, if you want to see the detailed SQL error online, ask your PeopleSoft Sysadmin to change this option in App Server PSAPPSRV.CFG file so that next time you can see the detailed SQL error message.

Ayesha Wee

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