How to use Message Catalog pop-up in PeopleSoft Pages

Popups are common in web pages and they are handy to display additional information about a field or information for a subset of users. For example, you can create a popup to display information about a types of files which are accepting for a file upload process. Another example would be to show a list of restricted characters for a particular field (a password field). In PeopleSoft we can create a special type of page called a pop-up page which are bit different from standard PeopleSoft pages. There are certain restriction when creating pop-up pages. For instance, Pop-up pages support only a subset of page controls (HTML areas, for example cannot add to a Pop-up page).

However, for this post we will look at how to get popup working from message catalog. In this case you do not need to create a Pop-up page. 

Enabling Message Catalog Pop-ups

To enable message catalog pop-ups:
1. Insert a Push button/Hyperlink to the page you want (you can associate pop-up with any other page control which support pop-ups).
2. Double click and access a Push button/Hyperlink properties
3. In Type tab Associate your Push button/Hyperlink to a Destination (e.g PeopleCode, Page Anchor), Record and a field.
4. In label Tab configure properties as you want, example is shown below from PeopleSoft delivered User Profile Page.
 5. In use tab, Mouse Over Popup section select Message catalog Popup and set Message Set and Number.
6. When you follow above basic setup, then you can see the message catalog popup on the page when you Click or Hover the link (or image).
(Note: The text in the Message Text field appears as the pop-up page header. The text in the
Explanation field appears in the pop-up page body.)


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  1. Hi,

    Being not a PS developer myself, I wonder if the above has been tried with FLUID? And does it behave the same way there?

    Thank you


    1. Hi ABBAS M

      Good Question. I haven't tried it in Fluid enabled environment. However, this I hope this will work and will show it better than older versions.