How to use Autosurf Websyndic to drive Traffic to your blog/website

This is off the topic post and may related to PeopleSoft bloggers who want to flow some traffic to your blog/website.
This web site is called Websyndic.

1. First you have to register for an account on this site: Once you have registered you will get an email with an activation link to activate your user account

2. Once you have crated and activated Websyndic account, go to left side navigation and click Earn Credits link. Now click Start Viewer on that page. This will open a new tab in your browser and you will be automatically redirected to different web sites. This is how you we will accumulate Credit (Cash) to use WebSyndic service. This process might use lot of your internet data so it is better to use a VPS.

    3. Now you can see all the Credits you have earned in Websyndic. See the Total Credits in the following page.

    4. Now click My Sites and add your web site to WebSyndic list. WebSyndic may take a while to validate your blog/website. So here we go you can get some traffic to your blog/website this way.


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