PeopleTools Tables related to BI/XML Publisher

  • PSXPDATASRC - Data Source definition table for BI Publisher
  • PSXPRPTCAT - Report Category table, which controls author access to the report definition
  • PSXPRPTCATAUTH - Authorization definition for report categories.
  • PSXPPRTDEFN - Report definition table for BI Publisher
  • PSXPPRTOUTFMT - Defines output format allowed and default output format for each report definition
  • PSXPRPTSCOPEFLD - Stores information required for bursting
  • PSXPRPTSRCHKEYS - This table defines extra search keys available in BIP report manager after report output is published.
  • PSXPRPTTTMPL - Defines association between report definition and template definition.
  • PSXPRPTTMPLCTRL - This table defines values that control template selection at report runtime.
  • PSXPRPTVIEWER - Defines per-report viewer access
  • PSXPSCHEMAFLMN - Schema files
  • PSXPSMPLDTMN - Sample XML data
  • PSXPTMPLDEFN  - This table stores template (including sub-template) definition for BI Publisher. Template definition has effective-dated template files as a child object.
  • PSXPTMPLFIELDEF - This table stores template file definition.
  • PSXPTMPLOUTFMT - This table stores the output formats for templates
  • PSXPTMPLTRINFO - Manage information associated with transaction files (XLIFF) for templates
  • PSXPTMPLTYPE - This table stores template types. The output type for each template type is stored in a child table: PSXPTMPLOUTTYPE
  • PSXP_FILEURL - Stores the URLs of XMLP output files
  • PSXP_RATTR_TBL - Report attributes table to store Name Value pairs of a report. Used in report folder implementations
  • PSFILEDEFN - Stores template file information
  • PSFILEDATA - Stores template file information
  • XPQRYRUNCNTL -Run control table for Query-based XMLP reports
  • XPQRYRUNPARM - XMLP Query run control parameters


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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing such a usefull information and tutorials on Peoplesoft HRMS Functional Online Training

  2. Typo Identified
    The Report definition table for BI Publisher is PSXPRPTDEFN

  3. Report definition table for BI Publisher is misspelled, should be: PSXPRPTDEFN

    Thanks for this information - I repeated come back to this page

  4. PSXPTMPLFIELDEF - This table stores template file definition.

    Please change the table name from PSXPTMPLFIELDEF to PSXPTMPLFILEDEF.

  5. This is excellent; thank you. You might want to reverse some letters in PSXPPRTDEFN to make it PSXPRPTDEFN.

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  7. Thanks for sharing.

    There are spelling mistakes:
    Example: [PSXPTMPLFIELDEF] is incorrect, correct name is [PSXPTMPLFILEDEF]
    *** "FILE" is mis-spelled as "FIEL".

  8. PSXPRPTTTMPL is miss-spelled. Should be PSXPRPTTMPL
    Has an extra 'T' in it

  9. PSXPTMPLFIELDEF is misspelled - should be PSXPTMPLFILEDEF