How to deliver RESTful Web Services in PeopleSoft - Useful Resources

Quick Overview of RESTful Web Services
Representational State Transfer (REST) describes any simple interface that transmits data over a standardized interface (such as HTTP) without an additional messaging layer, such as SOAP. REST provides a set of design rules for creating stateless services that are viewed as resources, or sources of specific information, and can be identified by their unique URIs. A client accesses the resource using the URI, a standardized fixed set of methods, and a representation of the resource is returned. The client is said to transfer state with each new resource representation.
When using the HTTP protocol to access RESTful resources, the resource identifier is the URL of the resource and the standard operation to be performed on that resource is one of the HTTP methods: GET, PUT, DELETE, POST, or HEAD.
Some Useful reference to resources that can be used to get an understanding of REST based web services in PeopleSoft. is the AppDesigner project used in the CON7553_Smith-CON7553 REST Web Services in PeopleSoft_v3.

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