How to use .Bat File to clear PeopleSoft App Designer Cache in Local Machine

Have you ever noticed a folder in your local system which created by PeopleSoft App Designer to Cache your PeopleSoft database object information?
To give bit of a background, in users local machine PeopleSoft Configuration Manager automatically store database objects in cache files the first time you open a PeopleSoft database object.
They are also downloaded automatically if the master copy of the object on the database server has changed. For each PeopleSoft database to which you connect, the system creates a single child cache files directory to store the cache files for that database.

So where is this cache directory configured?
Open up your PeopleSoft App Designer and on the Menu Click "Go > Configuration"
This will open up the configuration manager, Look at Cache File Directory field and you can see the Directory where your PeopleSoft cache files are stored.

Sometimes you may want to delete these cache files and you can do by clicking Purge Cache Directories.
But, here we will use a windows batch file so that you can use that whenever you want to purge the local directory cache files.
One of the advantages of this methods is you don't want to login to App Designer.
To do that Copy below commands to Notepad and save the file as .bat extension. Then whenever you want to run this file simply double click to run it.
@echo ON
@echo Deleting files from PS CACHE directory...
set DataDir=C:\PS\CACHE 
del /q /s /f %DataDir%
rd /s /q %DataDir%
PS: In this example we assume that your cache directory is C:\PS\CACHE
running this .bat file will delete CACHE directory as well.If a cache file directory is missing (after you delete it), the system automatically rebuilds it the next time that cache files are downloaded.

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