How to check PeopleSoft Integration Gateway or Default Node is active

Integration Broker is one of the most important tools in PeopleSoft system which enables us to perform asynchronous and synchronous messaging among internal systems and third-party systems. Integration Broker is a middleware technology and it can;
  • Performs asynchronous and synchronous messaging among internal systems and third-party systems.
  • Exposes PeopleSoft business logic as web services to PeopleSoft and third-party systems.
  • Consumes and invokes web services from third-party and PeopleSoft systems.
PeopleSoft Integration Broker consists of two subsystems: the integration gateway and the integration engine. Main difference between integration gateway and integration engine is that the integration gateway resides on a PeopleSoft web server, and the integration engine is installed on an application server as part of the PeopleSoft application.
This post we will look at how to check that your Integration Gateway and Integration Engine is active. 
For more information on Integration Broker technology please look 

Check Integration Gateway Status

Here we are going to check the status of the integration gateway (which is reside in the web server). 
Login to your PeopleSoft Application and Navigate to Main Menu > PeopleTools > Integration Broker > Configuration > Gateway

Click on the Ping Gateway button to see if the Integration Gateway is up and running. If the gateway is up and running you will see a window a below

Check Default Node Status

In order to enable communication between web server and application server (for inbound traffic) we need to find the default local node of our PeopleSoft Application.
Navigate to PeopleTools > Integration Broker > Integration Setup > Nodes
On the search page, click on the search button to query all the nodes. After that click on the Default
Local Node header of the result grid. The default local node (e.g. PSFT_HR) will now be shown as follows. Then select the default node.

Now that you know the default local node of your Integration Broker. Now Navigate to PeopleTools > Integration Broker > Configuration > Gateway. Then, Click on the link Gateway Setup Properties. In the next screen you have to provide User ID and Password (Please contact your PeopleSoft system administrator if you do not know the User ID and Password).
After you successfully enter the integration gateway security credentials, the PeopleSoft Node Configuration page appears.

Click on Ping Node button for your default local node. If successful the following screen will appear. which means the Integration Gateway can now successfully communicate with the application server.

why these checks are important

This might be useful when you are working with integration broker and if you want to check that gateway and node are active. As an example if you are working with web services and when you want to troubleshoot something then you might want to see whether these component are active in your system.

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