PeopleTools Tables related to BI/XML Publisher

  • PSXPDATASRC - Data Source definition table for BI Publisher
  • PSXPRPTCAT - Report Category table, which controls author access to the report definition
  • PSXPRPTCATAUTH - Authorization definition for report categories.
  • PSXPPRTDEFN - Report definition table for BI Publisher
  • PSXPPRTOUTFMT - Defines output format allowed and default output format for each report definition
  • PSXPRPTSCOPEFLD - Stores information required for bursting
  • PSXPRPTSRCHKEYS - This table defines extra search keys available in BIP report manager after report output is published.
  • PSXPRPTTTMPL - Defines association between report definition and template definition.
  • PSXPRPTTMPLCTRL - This table defines values that control template selection at report runtime.
  • PSXPRPTVIEWER - Defines per-report viewer access
  • PSXPSCHEMAFLMN - Schema files
  • PSXPSMPLDTMN - Sample XML data
  • PSXPTMPLDEFN  - This table stores template (including sub-template) definition for BI Publisher. Template definition has effective-dated template files as a child object.
  • PSXPTMPLFIELDEF - This table stores template file definition.
  • PSXPTMPLOUTFMT - This table stores the output formats for templates
  • PSXPTMPLTRINFO - Manage information associated with transaction files (XLIFF) for templates
  • PSXPTMPLTYPE - This table stores template types. The output type for each template type is stored in a child table: PSXPTMPLOUTTYPE
  • PSXP_FILEURL - Stores the URLs of XMLP output files
  • PSXP_RATTR_TBL - Report attributes table to store Name Value pairs of a report. Used in report folder implementations
  • PSFILEDEFN - Stores template file information
  • PSFILEDATA - Stores template file information
  • XPQRYRUNCNTL -Run control table for Query-based XMLP reports
  • XPQRYRUNPARM - XMLP Query run control parameters


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