How to carry (auto-populate) EMPLID in search field in campus solutions

When a staff user or an administrator entering data to a new or existing student, they have to navigate different pages in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions to do the maintain applications, change program/plan information etc..
It would be hard if they are required to re-enter the EMPLID (or copy & paste) for each search page they navigate. In order to PeopleSoft to "remember" the last EMPLID entered and auto-populate on the search pages we have to take couple of steps/actions;

1. In Campus Solutions Navigate to Set Up SACR, then select User Defaults, then select User Defaults 4, Select Carry ID check box as follows;

2. Select the component you want to carry your EMPLID then find the search record of that component in App Designer.

Search record you have selected must have EMPLID as a key field and search key field. Then add the following PeopleCode to the SearchInit event of the EMPLID record.field.

/*EMPLID carried over from other components*/
Declare Function check_carry PeopleCode FUNCLIB_CS.CARRY_ID FieldFormula;

If All(&EMPLID) Then

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