How to Improve Interpersonal Skils in PeopleSoft Project Management

Whether you are a seasoned PeopleSoft Developer or Guru, or even an expert in PeopleSoft suite of technologies you have to deal with People all the time. Having good knowledge and understanding of stakeholders around you is inevitable in order to gain trust, mutual understanding and ultimately to achieve success in your PeopleSoft project. Here I'm going to list some of the most common interpersonal skills that you may need to enhance in your PeopleSoft career. This is a very short list so feel free to add any thoughts as a comment so that other visitors of this blog can get a value from it.

Interpersonal Skills in (PeopleSoft) Project Management [1]

Well developed technical, interpersonal and conceptual skills help to analyses the situation and interact appropriately.

1. Leadership

Leadership is an ability get things done through others. Respect and trust are the key elements of effective leadership. This is critical in beginning of the project which use to emphasis and communicate the vision and motivating and inspiring project participants to achieve high performance.

2. Team Building

Team building is the result of good leadership and team building is teamwork.

3. Motivation

Overall success of the project depends on the project team's commitment, which is directly related to motivation. Motivational factors in a project/team environment.
  • Self-satisfaction
  • Job satisfaction
  • Challenging work
  • A sense of accomplishment
  • Achievement and growth
  • Money
  • Other rewards and recognition

4. Communication

Single biggest reason for project success and failure. Effective communication and Openness in communication is a gateway to teamwork and high performance. It improves relationships among team members and create mutual trust.
Effective communication involves awareness of communication style, parties, cultural issues, relationships, personalities, and overall context of the situation.
Active and Effective Listening is a big part in good communication.

5. Influencing

According to [2] influencing is the power to change or affect someone or something. In project management Influencing is important to get things done through others in positive manner.

6. Decision Making

Six-Phase Decision making model

7. Political and Cultural Awareness

8. Negotiation

A successful negotiation may include;
  • Analyse the situation
  • Identify Difference between wants and needs - both their and yours
  • Focus on interests and issues
  • Ask for high and offer low but realistic
  • When you make and concession, act if you yield something
  • Make both parties feel they have won, Win-Win negotiation.
  • Active listening and articulating





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