How to Compile your PeopleCode Program

In PeopleTools App Designer there is an option to compile all PeopleCode programs which are stored in the database or in a project to check for errors. When you do that it compile every PeopleCode program. Apart from finding errors in the program, one advantage of compiling the program through App Designer is after an upgrade to verify that all the programs were upgraded correctly.
To access this option in App Designer, go to Tools menu and select Compile All PeopleCode option.

To compile all PeopleCode programs

Open Application Designer while accessing the database that contains the PeopleCode that you want to check, then Select Tools, Compile All PeopleCode. Select which PeopleCode to compile. Click Compile in the Compile All PeopleCode dialog box. If there are any errors they will appear in the PeopleCode log display window.


Ayesha Wee

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