How to Know Your PeopleSoft PeopleTools Version (for Beginners)

There are few ways you can check PeopleTools version of your PeopleSoft Application. In this post we will look at most common ways to check the PeopleTools version.

Method 1: Via App Designer

You can check PeopleTools version using app designer, by Clicking Help > About PeopleTools... 

Method 2: Pressing (Ctrl +  J) or (Ctrl + Shift + J) Key combination from brower

The famous (Ctrl +  J) or (Ctrl + Shift + J) Key combination will work for most browsers such as Chrome, FireFox and Internet Explorer

Method 3: Installing Browser Plugging (PSChrome) for Chrome and FireFox.

PS: When you upgrade Firefox to version 36.0.1 PSChrome for Firefox will not work.

Method 4: Using PSPCMPROG record

Last but not least, you can query the delivered record PSPCMPROG record which store all PeopleCode programs. Simply issue this Query;


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