How to enable System Information page in PeopleSoft

As you may already know when you press CTRL + J key combo, you can see the PeopleSoft Information Page.
This PeopleSoft Information Page shows important information to enable users and system administrators to view such system information for orientation and troubleshooting purposes.
These information are the database name, application server address, web server, user ID, Browser Version, Browser Platform, Tools Release, Page Name, Component Name & Menu name.
As a practice enabling this information is a PeopleSoft system administration task. However, as developers it is good to know where to enable this system information in the your PeopleSoft system.

To do that;
1. Navigate to PeopleTools, Web Profile, Web Profile Configuration.
2. Do a search and select a web profile name (in this case DEV for example).
3. In the web profile component navigate to Debugging page and ensure that Show Connection & Sys Info checkbox is enabled.

A typical System Information help page.
 The following is a brife discription of each item of the above page


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