What is PeopleSoft Web Profile

The PeopleSoft web profile contains numerous settings or configuration properties required by the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture running on the web server.

Warning: Modifying of web profile must be handled carefully and with thorough understanding of the web profile configurations. This is a system admin task and modifying web profile properties will affect the web server configurations in your PeopleSoft system.

Following web profiles are delivered within PeopleTools;
  • DEV - The DEV web profile provides basic portal functionality for development, including trace and debug settings that are appropriate for development.
  • TEST - The TEST web profile uses the same settings as the DEV web profile, except that fewer trace and debug properties are enabled.
  • PROD - The PROD web profile uses the settings that are most commonly needed in a production environment that authenticates users.
  • KIOSK - The KIOSK web profile uses the same settings as the PROD web profile, except that public user access is enabled for the Guest user, and all options for storing caching or persistent cookies on the browser are disabled.
To find the web profile in your PeopleSoft system, Navigate to PeopleTools > Web Profile > Web Profile Configuration (Component name: WEB_PROFILE)

Specifying an Initial Web Profile

When your PeopleSoft administrator performs the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture setup procedure for your system he must be specified which web profile will be applied to the portal.
here is an example where you specify web profile in PIA installation.

Pages Used to Configure Web Profiles


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