Importing BI Publisher Sub-template to the Main Template for Testing local environment

Recently I was working on BI publisher RTF template and I had several Sub-templates to be included into the main template. Firstly, I wanted to test these Sub-templates locally before pushing it to development environment. I tried what PeopleBooks were suggested. The PeopleBooks says;
Testing a Sub-Template in Microsoft Word
You should test your template and sub-template using Template Builder before uploading to PeopleTools to make your sub-template is accessible to your template on the file system.
Use the following syntax when importing:
Notice the triple slashes and the use of the actual file name instead of template ID.
When your design is complete, you can change the import statement back to make the sub-template available to the main template in PeopleTools environment.
I followed the same syntax above. However, I could not work it out as I was having these errors when I try to preview the main RTF template as a PDF. After bit of a research I found out that I need to include these custom properties in the xdo.xfg file.
<property name="xdk-secure-io-mode">false</property>
<property name="xslt-scalable">true</property>
Meaning of each property and their values as follows;


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  1. Thank you so much for the tip about the config file - that resolved my problem! I'm new to PS and it would have taken me months or years to figure that out on my own!